The Now Massage offers a truly unique spa experience. Their amazing team is committed to creating a space of healing where one can escape from the bustle of the city and be fully immersed in THE NOW. Luke Shalan Techné has designed a line of work for The Now Massage that includes small trays in various styles, ceramic pillows and candle holders. This line of work was derived from thoughts about materiality, creating a natural and organic feel, and embracing the function of contributing to a sacred environment.

Pinched Bowl   •   3" x 3" x 1"

The meditative practice of hand-building with clay inspired the design of the PINCHED BOWL. Through a process of gently pinching and rotating a small handful of clay, each bowl is created during a uniquely meditative moment in Luke's Studio.  

Torn Edge Tray   •   5.5" x 3" x 1.5"

Luke is fascinated by clays tendencies throughout its transformation from a malleable wet material to a brittle dry one. TORN EDGE TRAY acts as a window into the moment when the clay stops stretching, and it begins to tear. 


Slab Dropped Stand   •   3" x 3" x 0.5" 

Utilizing his self-designed process of slab dropping, Luke created SLAB DROPPED STAND. It's soft form acts as a perfect stand for burning incense, sage, and palo santo, or as a resting spot for a serving spoon by the stove.

Pillow Stand   •   5" x 3.5" x 2"   •   7" x 3.5" x 2"

The PILLOW STANDS juxtapose soft with hard as their forms contradict their feel. Like Luke's other stand and stay designs, the pillows are a perfect resting spot for a serving spoon, jewelry or incense. 

Candle Holders   •   4" x 3.25" x 3.25"  

Vessels are designed and fabricated by Luke Shalan Techné and individually filled by The Now Massage with beeswax.

Signature Candle Holder


Luke and Ben Medansky collaborated to design the Signature Candle Holder: Featuring an ensō which in Zen Buddhism is a hand-drawn circle to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. The Now Massage embodies this symbol and message.

The Splatter Candle Holder

Splatter Candle Holder captures a moment of freedom. While hinting at traditional techniques of "blue and white" chinaware, Luke chose to designed these candle holders with freedom in mind rather than control. Sometimes we have to let go of control to find freedom.


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