Luke Shalan is an artist and process-based designer working in Los Angeles, CA.  While examining both traditional and modern forms of production, he emphasizes the importance of creative concept and process.

Luke seeks to uncover the nuances found in mundane processes, and continually remind himself (and others) that we are physical beings living in reactive, unpredictable space. Working primarily with clay, Luke pushes the limits of the material, while continuing to master and utilize traditional forms of ceramic production.

In order to fulfill his fascination with process and clay’s material properties, Luke Shalan invented slab dropping devices which allow gravity to lower a slab of clay onto an object without direct human interaction. After the slab drop, the soft clay slab subtly takes on the shape of the object below, acting as an archive of his unique process, while also becoming its own object. Continuing to explore this method of archiving has led Luke to further dictate his ceramic creations. He has applied the slab dropping technique to much of his work, including 60 unique plates for an experimental dinner, ceramic cactus paddles, and his most recent body of work, CUBES. Luke ventures on, down the slab-dropping road, excited by the uncertainty and possibilities found through his continued and evolving exploration.


TECHNÉ: Techné is a term in philosophy which resembles epistēmē in the implication of knowledge of principles, although techné differs in that its intent is making or doing as opposed to disinterested understanding. As an activity, techné is concrete, variable, and context-dependent.

Aristotle saw it as representative of the imperfection of human imitation of nature through physical creation.